Villiers Spares

Some of our vast range of products include:


Competition  (Trials) low gears designed by  Clive Tomkinson of DMW Motor Cycles some years ago. There are two gears in this range. A low Second gear a must for the trials rider. This gear brings second much closer to first, making it usable in most sections. There is also a low third  gear again this gear is closer to second and is good for hill climbs. Made from the highest spec gear steel and specially heat treated with a final spine grind to make a silky gear change.


 FULL CIRCLE CRANKS (For 250cc & 197cc 9E-37A)1We at “NV”have redesigned the 9e/37A (197cc  250cc) standard crank into full circle cranks. “Yes I know these have been done before” but ours are now state of the art. Norton Villiers cranks, and improved. They have caged needle roller bearings to the big end. The crank pin is made a .001″ bigger  than a standard Villiers crank pin. ( so it will fit into a tired Villiers crank). The little end is also a NV caged needle roller bearing designed to fit a standard Villiers piston pin. These are made solely to “NV”s specification, by one of our associate companies. This again is a first by “NV”and was thought not possible by many, for many years. ( no more messing with loose needle rollers around the Little End)We make two rod lengths for the 197cc and 250cc engines and can offer the above cranks with either rod fitted, and can offer complete rod kits in any length The complete full circle cranks retail at £POA
The rod kits complete retail at £POA 
Caged needle roller little end bearings retail at £POA
  We are working on rod kits for the “Star Maker” motor to the above specification We hope to have these in the near future.We recommend to change the little end caged bearing in trials discipline each season and in scrambles discipline twice in a season. This will ensure optical performance.  4DMW PISTONS 250cc We have the DMW   250cc piston in standard, +.010″, +.015″. +.020″, +.030″, +.040″, +.060″, +.080″ o/s made from the finest materials.These retail at £POAWe also have huge stocks of Norton Villiers 197cc and Starmaker pistons.Complete these retail at £POA   THE “LITTLE DEMON” ELECTRONIC IGNITION SYSTEM3DMW  has designed this high tech electronic ignition system made solely for the Villiers engine. All components are new and made from the very best of materials, without compromise. The heart of the system is the DMW power pack  This is fed from the power source coil which charges up to 400 volts. This is then triggered by a trigger coil to the HT coil which delivers up to 22KV to the spark plug. It will generate below 500 rpm. And has been tested in excess of 6000 rpm. The entire system has been designed to run using the existing Villiers 6 pole flywheel.There is an inbuilt advance curve which allows the motor to run at extremely low rpm and eliminates harsh kick backs. It is very easily timed to your required setting we recommend 2.0mm BTDC. There is a little machining required to the back plate which we will undertake, and is included in the above cost. There is a full spares back up, we make the system. It is NOT an adopted system/unit cannibalized  from other engines. We are also working on a “DMW traction control module” which when available can be incorporated into this system. ( The cost of this module is yet to be determined).We now have in stock the “Little Demon” to fit:-Villiers 9E to 37A Engines @ £POAVilliers all Star Maker/Stormer Engines @ £POA Villiers 6E 8E & 9D Engines @ £POAMontesa 348, 349, 246 engines  etc @ £POAAll plus VAT & P&PWe are also working on many other engines Bultaco, Ossa, Yamaha TYsNEW “at last”We also have a new “Little Demon LC” system. The LC is for Lighting Coils. This is a completely new designed system using a new Flywheel with stator plate housing 12volt lighting coils.